This is the school na kung pwede ko pang balikan, babalik talaga ako kasi marami akong natutunan na new things na nag eenjoy ako. Hindi mo mararamdaman yung pressure kasi kahit hindi mo maintindihan yung lesson explain talaga sayo in an easy way and paulit ulit yung hanggang sa ma gets mo na. Last—yung mga teachers sa BLC are very approachable, kind, funny, and magaganda at pogi.
— Ivan, homeschooler, 2016-27

"Our son Jakob was diagnosed with Mixed Language Disorder at age three and only started school when he turned seven last year. It was difficult for him to express himself verbally and also just keep still long enough to pay attention in class. He couldn't handle a big class in a traditional school. Just too many distractions. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended Center for Blended Learning (now Blended Learning Center–Manila), and I had him assessed there immediately. The staff was very warm and told me, 'We might have a
place for your son here.' To make a long story short, Jakob has stayed with BLC and is now in second grade. I'm thrilled to say that they have done a fantastic job as he has improved by leaps and bounds. It took many months of adjustment on his part, but now he loves going to school, listens to his teachers, and gladly does schoolwork and homework. Plus, BLC's curriculum has only gotten better—even more learner-centric now. I'm loving it and really just give the whole team a big pat on the back. They take a very personalized approach with the pupils and I appreciate that very much." - Mommy Rose Galvez


"My son has been part of the BLC family for barely a month…but so far, I am a happy parent.  I have been looking for a school that combines the benefits of homeschooling (focusing on my child’s learning style and pace) and that of a regular school (establishing routine, being able to socialize with other kids), while learning independence and practical life skills.  I think I have found the answer in BLC.  The instruction is personalized (due to small class size) and the teachers and staff are so caring, friendly, accommodating, helpful, accepting – it is truly a child-friendly, child-centered, child-safe place.  Looking forward to the rest of the school year!" - Mommy Alice Quilicot

"Matt and I are very happy with Blended Learning Center and hope to continue here until he graduates from grade school. Matt has been homeschooled since he was four. He enrolled at BLC last year, and is now in the fourth grade. My husband and I can't imagine any other school for Matt to be enrolled in. Seriously. Coming from homeschooling, it was important for us to find a school where he could learn at his own pace, someplace fun and comfortable, and where he would get the same, or even better, amount of attention and standard of learning we have been accustomed to. When I refer to learning, I don't mean the kind of learning you find in a traditional classroom. I refer to the kind of learning Matt has experienced in BLC, which comes alive and is hands-on and custom-tailored to the needs of each child and family. What we love about BLC is the warm and accommodating atmosphere of the students, teachers, and staff. You know how they say school should be like a second home? Matt and I found a second home at BLC." - Mommy Nina Patena

"It has been a great experience for us, especially for our first-born Kenzo. We would have wanted to keep him homeschooled but our decision to relocate in the province meant that traveling to Manila would be limited. Besides, the school where he is presently enrolled is just beside his lola's store so it's not that far from home and he still gets to spend more time with the family. He seems to be enjoying school for now, having met new friends. He's also doing well and our worry right now is he might actually get bored with the pacing of the lessons. For now, we just wish the continued success of BLC as an alternative learning place for gifted children." - Tyrone Guya, Ifugao Province

"It was a good experience homeschooling Zion. I learned so much about patience and gratefulness specially about small things. I appreciate and am thankful how BLC assisted me about the homeschooling process. I appreciate how BLC, through Ms Neris, supported Zion during his exams, particularly the last session. Zion felt so relieved (myself included) after his last day of examination. 
There are some parent-friends that are asking about how I homeschooled Zion and I always say that BLC was a good homeschool provider. Thank you very much from our hearts. We are thankful we chose BLC. God bless you and BLC." - Homar, Leila, & Zion Fernandez, Indonesia

We don’t like bullies. We allow kids to wear their hair long. Coloring outside the lines? Go for it! Sometimes, dogs join the kids in the classrooms. It can get a tad crazy, sure, but it’s okay. School and childhood are meant to be a little chaotic—and learning, never stiff or boring.
— practically everyone in BLC