While all programs at BLC-Manila cater to families who are not of a traditional mold, there are some common qualities that we see in our Blended and Homeschool parents that might help you make a decision. Check out what you think fits you best:


Perfect for:

- families who want to homeschool but can't commit to a full-time "homeschool schedule". 

- children who don't thrive in traditional classroom or school set-ups, but still prefer socialization.

- families who like to travel and take their children along.

- families who like flexibility and are "allergic" to the unreasonable rigor of traditional schools.

- families who believe that understanding, and appreciation is a better hallmark of learning than getting high grades.



Perfect for:

- parents who want a first-hand say in how their child/ren are taught.

- families who live outside Metro Manila or the Philippines.

- children recovering from a trauma, and are getting ready to re-enter the mainstream.


Tutorial Services for students
For regular academics and project support.

Teacher Training on Blended Learning

Our inward-bound approach to being the best teacher you can be.


take a break, catch some highlights from our recent recital, "Pagsibol," at the U.P. Abelardo Hall :)

scenes from BLC Orchestra's first recital, "Pagsibol", held April 29, 2018 at U.P. Abelardo Hall, conducted and directed by T. Ford Pundamiera. What an amazing school year this was! (video by Buck Pago)