U.N.A. sa lahat...


AT BLC-MANILA, WE'RE Forming Universal, Noble, and Aware Individuals

1. Universal 

- we are open to any denomination, any kind of family

- we respect the uniqueness of each individual, and we celebrate our differences because it makes for richer learning

we do not resist change; rather, we try to evolve alongside and within our community

Characteristics of a Universal person:

Wit – A sense of humor is important to us. We can laugh at ourselves and not take everything too seriously.

Optimism – We are not easily defeated by adversity and we are never too lost to see the opportunities in challenges. It is the ability to see, think, and dream of positive ways to act especially in negative or stressful situations.

Self-control – Practicing the mastery of one’s emotions and to think before acting is part of learning critical and wise decision-making

2. Noble

- we strive to be of service to others, within our community and to those we know

- we strive to relevant participants of change 

- we believe character is just as important as academics

- we aim to grow compassionate leaders who have the heart to serve

- we value transparency and honesty in relating to our parents and students

Characteristics of a Noble person:

Courage – We make an effort to do what we can even if it seems unpopular or different from the crowd. 

Persistence – To keep striving towards a goal especially when discouraged or rising from a failure. We choose what causes are worth fighting for despite obstacles and yet know when it is time to let go.

Humility – Knowing we don’t have to be the best at everything, yet continuing to better ourselves without needing to compare ourselves with others. It is seeing the strengths and talents of others, knowing we can learn something new from anyone, young or old.

Gratitude – Seeing that even the things we take for granted are blessings and we are thankful for both the good and the bad.

Selflessness or Service – We make an effort to include real-life learning experiences in the learning process. In class, we practice thinking of others before self. This includes helping others in big or simple ways, especially in difficult situations where being selfish is a default.

3. Aware

- we believe that information is indeed power, and that vast resources of it—like the internet—when used the right way is an equally powerful aid in learning

- we are open to new ideas and approaches

- we look for better ways to do things that will serve the students and our community

- communication is open and constant with our students, parents and community

- we give feedback, mentorship, guidance and support, and recognize that we can learn from each other

Characteristics of someone who is Aware:

Curiosity – We encourage our students to find wonder in the simplest things, finding the answers to their questions through research and discovery. It is not settling for the single right answer every time in class.

Critical and Independent Thinking – Weighing and thinking about one’s answers and beliefs requires a student or teacher to listen to others and discern the best solution based on personal values and the greater good.

Stay woke.
— Meek Mill