we will help your child learn the best way he or she needs to learn.



Personalized learning experiences through homeschooling support and enrichment programs.

• Department of Education-approved K-10 curriculum
• Blended Learning Program (K-10)
• Homeschooling Program (K-10)
• PEPT review and preparation (Grades 1-10)
• PEPT+ [ expanded and in-depth classes for PEPT-takers, or "Peppers" ] (Grades 7-10)
• Homeschool support (for BLC and non-BLC homeschool providers)
• Tutorials (regular academics and project support)
• Music, art, theater, writing classes
• Project Management for Teens

BLC is proudly powered by Google Apps for Education.

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our promise to you is that we will get to know your child. — T. Zeena Pañares